Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank You for Playing !!

So this week I am not going to review a console, a game or add-on. Its not because Im to lazy to play and definitely not because Im lacking any games to play. The reason is Id like to take this opportunity to discuss a few things, mainly to thank all of YOU readers and supporters for making this worth while.
The feedback has been great and when you can do something you enjoy and talk about it with like minded people its something special.

Now thats been said Id like to mention some topics about the site and some new purchases.

                                                                      PRIZES !!!
I want to talk about the giveawys and contests, one just kicked off in the Contra article and more will be happening randomly. I will try to announce it in a more formal fashion and you can help by subscribing to the site in the side bar or simply by sending your emailaddress to Finalboss1337@gmail.com. Some will be giveaways with winners chosen at random and some will be contests. Please participate and don't be shy you could win something for nothing. You can always send in your email and mailing address during an announced contest or giveaway.

Just a few of my early carts...

                                                                   COMMUNITY !!!
This brings me on to my next topic, please subscribe in some way... you may not realize it but by checking back here every so often YOU are part of a community. Now don't get me wrong the internet survives by anonymity so Im not asking you to expose yourself and comment on the posts ( unless you want to ) but this community can only get bigger and more fun the more you throw in and participate with us. That said thank you again for following us here at the Final Boss !!! On to some fun...

My Cart Conga Line !!

                                                                    NEW STUFF !!!
Heres a recent set of acquisitions, the Original Nintendo power guide book and its follow ups. These were subscription bonuses from Nintendo Power back in its early years. I had all of these and more as a lad Im glad I found them again and at a very fair price for the whole set. The Black covered guide was the first and I remember reading it over and over again and having friends ask me to bring it over so we could traverse easier through certain games using the maps... Goonies 2 Im looking in your direction... you too Metroid. The Maps in the book were hand drawing and painted with water color they are NOT screenshots shrunk and edited together. Some illustrator/artist put in a LOT of detailed work for this book and it was a worth the effort. The Game Atlas book was just that a Strictly Map book for NES games, just some of titles in closed were Mega Man 1-3, Castlevania 1-3, Super Mario 3 and the Zelda games plus more. The Passwords book contains codes on 250 games spaning NES SNES and Gameboy. Stage Select Codes for games like Mike Tyson's Punch Out & Ninja Turtles or full item giving codes in Metal Gear 2 Snakes Revenge. The Gameboy and SNES books were similar to the First Black covered release offering a lil bit of every thing for those consoles.

Heres a little update for those of you that have been following my War on Contra. I have never owned a Official release version of Contra for the Famicom this is mostly due to sellers greed. I was not willing to pay the ridiculous prices for a cart that was released in such great abundance it is in no way rare and to pay high prices on something that is readily available seemed stupid. So I waited & waited continuing to buy Pirate versions looking for a quality and or playable copy.... But now that is all behind me !!!


While this Contra cart was shipping out to me I realized something, Ive become addicted to collecting Contra Pirates both good and bad, and like Poke'mon I need to catch 'em all. So stay tuned to see what Contra games I dig up next.....

Some people have asked me in one way or another about my ScreenShots ... either they ask how I get the shot so clear when compared to some of my other pics. Or they ask why in the shot I have 4 lives and in the article I say I died 2 times in a row. My secret is simple ....gather round.... a Emulator !! Hahahah. But seriously what I do is play the REAL game on my Famicom legit all the way through or till I cant go further, and then I write the article over the next few days once done I go BACK through the entire game on my computer using an emulator and grabing in-game Screen Shots. So really I beat the Game 2 times each article.

CO-OP !!!
As Ive breaifly mentioned before lets get back to playing together on the couch screaming & jumping up and down and laughing our asses off ass one player screams "save me save me !!" CO-Op on the web is played out after a few years, lets get back to the camaraderie of playing head to head and beating games together. So invite those friends over to play in person. It may seem strange to them at first but then the party begins and its all good.

And last but Never least lets discuss requests... I LOVE REQUESTS !!! Seriously send me all your requests for reviews of Games, Accessories and Consoles. It makes my life easy and fun and you get to see the games you want. Also maybe Ill play a game I never played before like Super Contra. Ive received 3 requests so far the first one will be coming in an article hopefully next week as it should be a BIG article and follow in suit with the Famicom Anniversary coming up. The other 2 requests are being handled as well. The 2nd one is a hard play since the game was hard enough when i was a kid and this copy is totally in japanese... thanks Donna ! And the 3rd is on its way from Japan now as I did not own a copy of it prior to the request.

With all this said Thanks again and please return soon as this crazy experiment can not  survive with out YOU.

Ohhhh and incase you haden't heard Nintendo has done it again take the half hour to watch this whole video preferably on you TV-screen or at the least a large computer screen.

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