Saturday, October 19, 2013

GAME HUNTING EP- 6 :A Big Night with Big Big Big Reveals !!!!

Hope you're all rested up from New York Comic Con because for the second time we interrupt our regularly scheduled programing War Journal entry for some BIG NEWS !!! Are you excited ? Yah you are !!!

Before finishing the editing on the War Journal entry tonight I decided I would take a quick jump in to Video Games New York for air and record the whole trip.... that didnt work out too well... so I wont show you what I filmed until I can get it right. But when I got to VGNY I was surprised to see my Boys the Dynamic Duo back together again Jay and Shane !! Man I was sooo happy to see two of my favorite people back together again, they never seem to work on the same nights any more. The trip started off great with a amazing parking spot (hey its manhattan thats something worth mentioning), a 13 minute drive time (also amazing) and seeing the boys reunited but then it took a weird turn from here on both good and bad.

Bad Parts - I completely forgot to film anymore of the trip due to the fact that I had to leave very abruptly to see to a problem that arose at home. To make matters worse I found that I didn't have my license on me for the first time ever and was worried due to the extremely strange fact that there were 50 plus police cars in the Cooper Square & the Broadway St marks vicinity for some unknown reason.

But before I left I managed a very rushed look around and picked up some kool pieces none the less.

Both of the Dreamcast games are Japanese versions which is fine since I have burned a swap disc program for the Dreamcast so I can play imports or what have you. It looked to me like VGNY's owner must have bought  a huge case of Japanese games which benefitted me just fine, although still priced a lil high but the are sealed new so lets check 'em out. The first one is Godzilla Generations a title I have always wanted to play but could never quite get ahold of. Man I love me Some Godzilla incase you folks didn't know. And the second game is Bluesteel: Sable Griffin a game that looks like some mix up of an Anime adventure Visual Novel, and possibly a bit mature? I grabbed Blue steel since I had never heard of it and it was a import for 9 bucks brand new. The price reflects the language barrier not the quality I'm sure. I can't wait to see how far I can get in it, Playing totally unknown and unnavigate-able Japanese games is something I did a lot as a kid but not much since. The third title You see in the picture  is the new Wii U title Wonderful 101 its a new game from Platinum games makers of Okami, and devil may cry , and oh I don't know ummm Bayonetta !!! The game has a very uniqe control scheme which shane warned me about before I committed to the purchase. And I'm glad he did because it really took me a second to get used to it even with the warning, the problem if there is one is that I don't feel the control Prompts are explained well, but that could be just me and my playing it really late at night. But I look forward to attacking it again this evening hopefully with some cafe in my mug.
Blue Steel has some quality looking anime scenes

Now on to some BIG NEWS !!! BIG NEWS !!! BIG NEWS !!!
While I was catching up with the Dynamic Duo Jay and Shane they let me in on their latest project..... A Totally FU*King Awesome Game Built for iOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me just unbiasedly say this game is amazing !!! Im not even exaggerating ! I got to play the game in a Beta version last night and H#LY SH!T its not only fun as hell but the controls are with out a doubt the best I have ever experienced on the iOS platform. The minute I got past the Visuals which alone are very kool and and gorgeously crafted to look simplistic the controls grabbed my full attention the precise control and response is really amazing, the group they have on this game is a talented one indeed and I'm soo grateful I got to check it out last night. I wanted to play it again before left but like I said it was a short trip due to my own issues. Oh man I want to tell you all about it but I dont know how much Im allowed to reveal at this point but its coming soon and ill continue to update you on the status as in comes in. Also I was asked to possibly participate in a small way to the game so if that happens your sure to "hear" all about it. Good Luck to Jay and Shane and I'm sure they will do the gaming community "Justice" with this entry.

Okay so on to the next BIG NEWS !!!

 Here is a video showing the results of some recent Cyber Game Hunting... andddd it involves the Big Reveal !!!!!!! Roll the video tape.......

Ahhhhhhh Sorry...... I had decided not to Reveal the surprise at the time of the recording I apologize for that it was a busy week with Comic Con approaching and I was in the middle of the War Journal game trying to retain the title of the FINISHER.....

But the night after Comic Con the High Energy in the City got to me and I completely changed my mind ........

Soooooo with out any further ado Ladies and Gentlemen Children of all ages Welcome.....
 to the FINAL BOSS and Welcome to THE GAME CHANGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man oh Man Ive seriously been waiting years to own this console there is much to tell about that alone but the Console has such a rich and interesting history.... which we will get to in a very Special Huge article coming soon that will be about everything you need to know about the SEGA Master System !!!

Well as always thanks for spending some time with us here at The Final Boss !!!
I have some T- shirt Iron ons if anybody wants one just send a email Subject: Iron on to and I'll tell you where to send a self addressed envelope to.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


Before I get started I want to just say... " WE DID IT !!! " The Kickstarter for Mighty No 9 is over and hit all its goals and that means we get... Mac, Linux, Wii U, PS3, 360, PS4,XBOXOne, Vita and 3DS versions !!! Too Awesome !!! Go Community I cant wait till my pledge gifts come in 2015 as well as My copy of the game.

As you may have already guessed the Bi-weekly format is in place I have skipped this weeks article as to have more time on the game I'm playing and so I can fit it in to my ever changing family schedule.

I felt a big emptiness and almost panic like feeling this weekend like I was ignoring something that had to be done something very important. I honestly believe it had to do with not publishing an article, it was an actual physical withdrawal. Strange that taking time off which was meant to calm me and not make me want to rush actually had the reverse effect.

Im already starting to wonder if maybe the scheduling gaps should be taken only when needed and not regularly...

The good news is besides having more time to sleep so I have energy to hang wit the lad I also got in some Cyber game hunting with my free time and some much needed research... yes yes even I the Final Boss a Uber-Nerd needs to read up on topics. I did also manage to follow up the Cyber Hunting with a on foot quick trip to a seldom visited spot that I need to hit up more often. The purchases I made this weekend will have a big impact on the blog. So stay tuned in the near future as The Final Boss is not only about to expand his collection......... BUT take it in a direction in which it has NEVER been........................

Thanks for all the support and I will see you next week back here at the same Boss Channel... same Boss Time.........