Tuesday, April 16, 2013


    Thats right were starting this of with a look back at Super Mario Brothers. And why shouldnt we? After the Video Game Crash of 1983 that took the industry down it was SMB that helped bring it back !

     Super Mario Brothers was released on the Nintendo Famicom in September 1985 and on the Nintendo Entertainment System a month later in November when it launched in North America . Super Mario Brothers was the pack-in title for the NES (while in japan 2 years of games had preceded it on the Famicom ) Super Mario Bros or SMB for short changed the way gamers at the time (mostly kids) viewed what was possible in games. Previously we were subjected to tons and tons of atari styled games with limited colors and controls that only sometimes worked do to the poor quality control on video games by 1983 (helping lead to the crash ). But here came Mario on the NES which responded more accurately with the D-pad then we ever thought possible Mario..and his brother Luigi slowed down and sped up as demanded. As SMB brought along the scrolling screen, now levels were longer than one screen and with out loading it seamlessly scrolled as we dashed mario to the right of the screen to find he would not hit it, but fall in to pits and waiting enemies if we did not master this new refined game pad and style.

    Super Mario Bros also brought about a new era of teaching you how to play and establishing the game parameters from the minute we started playing, for example as soon as you discover bricks on first screen can be hit with your head and the first mushroom comes out it is programed to be almost impossible to avoid so you learn that these are Power Ups and are not dangerous unlike the enemies you encounter next.

   SMB introduced us to the in game shortcuts of warp zones and even glitches like warping to the negative worlds.

And who could forget the first Final Boss many of us faced. Level after level Mushroom Retainers told us they were sorry the Princess was in another castle but when we hit that last grey interior castle and heard the growing growl we knew this time it was THE FINAL BOSS .....King of the Koopas himself Bowser !  Imposing and paralyzing we didnt know what to do .....

Do you stomp on him like the others ? HELL NO !! How can you ? LOOK at the size of him and are those spikes?!?! SH*T!!  Damn he's spitting flames and are those hammers?? Fu*k ! .... jump wait ..no high ..low... high low sh*t do we run under him?   I mean he's jumping and it looks like i can go under him ...across that bridge, .....is that an axe ? Another weapon sh*t I gotta get it.... wait no...  go back no forward !!! aghhhh runnnn jump !!
   HOLY SH*T !!  I DID IT!!!  I DID IT !!!!!  RIGHT ?   WAIT !   Whats happening the screens moving .....Oh wait thats her right ?!! Yes !! SWEET A ENDING !?!? GAMES HAVE ENDINGS NOW?!?!?! GAMES HAVE ENDINGS NOW !!!!!!!!!!

MA !!! GAMES HAVE ENDINGS NOW !! What? No. Never mind, can i call tony on the phone and can he come over ? PLEASE!!

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