Saturday, February 15, 2014

Game Hunting EP 11 - SEGA GENESIS Game Lot !

I was kinda saving this video for a rainy day and its poring here at Casa de FinalBoss. Sub Boss (My Son) Has a fever and I need to tend to his needs. But !! Fret not heres two videos to hold you over till our next game review.

I recently talked about my experiences Game Hunting in Florida on Vacation and we looked at the spoils, well heres a big box O' Fun to add to the Sega Genesis console I picked up. I got some great titles at a really AMAZING price. Lets take a look so sit back and shoot his over to your Apple TVs or Youtube ready sets….

Just goes to show you that great deals can still be found on eBay. Those sonic games alone are worth the price. Below is a lil unboxing and retrospective on a game that changed how games were made it truly raised the bar and threw down the gauntlet to the other game developers of the time…

I hope you all enjoyed that love sonnet to one of my favorite games of All Time !!!!! This video has brought about the possibility of an upgrade to the way we do things here at the Final Boss so be on the look out for a very possible quality boost in the near future…..

Thanks again for coming by and please continue to follow the social media account @finalbossnyc on Instagram, Twitter ,Flickr and Tumblr. I hope you all entered Valentines day contest that just passed and took a shot at winning a Famicom game for your own collections. If not then you should be clicking follow on the aforementioned social sites and apps @finalbossnyc .Till next time keep gaming….

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