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War Journal Entry #5 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Fall of the Foot Clan

I'm sitting here last night Among all these games and I realize I had not come up with an article for this weekend it was already Saturday….. It was upon me…. it was too late!!!  I stared blankly through my game section just telling myself that I only needed to review a game, it didn't have to be something I could beat I would just find a game game that I thought you all would find interesting. Find one that I thought I could deliver enough information on for it to be entertaining and informative and that would be okay. I wouldn't pull the easy route and do some Football Game in "honor" of the Super Bowl since Honestly I don't care about Football or the Video games. I had played Madden on Genesis wit my lil bro way back when and I would just press C for shotgun play.

My eyes moved towards my GameBoy collection... the middle stack top game….  Konami's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : The fall of the Foot Clan. This is a game that I played quite a few times as child but I never owned a copy. I would borrow a friends while we hung out and throw it into my Game Boy and give it a try or in Junior High kids would pass around a GameBoy at lunch and play whatever they had. I always looked forward to playing this game and I finally bought a copy at VGNY last year but never sat down for a proper play. I told myself that I could just review the game and talk about how amazing or not amazing it is, talk about the controls and the graphics even, or about the developers and any highlights they made have had in their careers…... But standing there my game section staring at my Leonardo statue surrounded by original Kevin Eastman art and TMNT books of all kinds how can I call myself a true turtlehead and be the kid who claims that he read the comic book before the cartoon came out or the guy with the green Ooze pumping through his veins…. How can I call myself a Shell-Head if I NEVER BEAT THIS GAME !!!

Forget the Super Bowl the only Bowl in this House is the one "holding four baby Turtles……"

I quickly pulled the recently acquired Super Nintendo off the shelf and grabbed the freshly cleaned Super Game Boy cart and set up in front of the Samsung LCD. Usually I don't play these games on the big screen but this one looked great.

 As soon as the Konami logo dropped off screen the Stage was set April had been kiddnaped (again) and the Turtles boys were out to save her. The short intro used a classic shot from the shows intro and it looked great in pixels. After the plot was delivered the select screen allows you to pick one of the fab four, Leo was on top so I started there. The first thing I noticed was the original TV show's theme song popping in the background, a lot of time these attempts to adapt a known song to a 8-bit game went wrong but this was and is actually really good !! The character animations also are really quite good in this game and the Turtles each have a lil extra weapon animation as they walk. The first stage displays excellent textures as we walk along a seedy area in my hometown of New York City. Foot Soldiers and "Tubular Transports" attack in unison as we move forward (I'm not kidding that what they are called look it up). The game has surprisingly good hit detection in the players favor, I find it easy to strike one side and quickly turn and destroy my next target even when it seem there will not be enough time to do so. Some familar things from the Arcade game appear like destroyable parking meters and barrels. The game has many hidden areas that lead to a life replenishing Bonus Game, the first one is located in the space that second barrel occupies, smash it and walk where the barrel once was. The Bonus Game is random and is one of three possible games - A number guessing game with Master Splinter, a fun leave Krang with the last Shuriken game or a kool lil random Target shooting game. Win a Bonus game and get your life replenished. Reaching the end of the stage sends Leo in to the next area , a quite familiar one at that the Sewers !

The second barrel hides the entrance to the Hidden Area

Good Luck this game is a lil ridiculous

1-2  Sewers
This area brings a new enemy to battle the "Mousers" many will remember them from the comics and the cartoons. Oh !! And Konami got it right this time even though you have the ability to jump the gaps in the sewers if you land in the water you DONT DIE !!! Hell you don't even take damage un like the NES game. Thank You Konami for finally realizing that the Turtles can SWIM !!!! Any way you will however have to jump to survive these ginny boulder that roll on screen called "Shell Shockers" again not making this up. before exiting area 1-2 go below the pipes and touch the dead end wall to find another bound area if you miss it don't worry theres everyones favorite Pizza available before the jump to 1-3.
I love the detail

Hers the spot for the Second Hidden Area

A much easier Bonus Game
1-3 Streets
Be Careful as the Foot come flying on the screen in their "Brawling Biker Trikes" using the high jump is the best way to avoid them and I like to wait till the last minute to jump and redirect my self to safety. The bikers are another example of how the hit detection and controls really work in your favor as I look at the enemy I think I'm gonna be hit but I always manage to avoid damage. Avoid some Foot and Tubular attacks grab the slice at the end and on to 1-4

1-4 Back to the Sewer
I want to mention that not only will the backgrounds change after this stage but the Stages 2,3,4,5 only have 2 areas each this is the only Stage with 4 areas… but each does have a Boss !! We haven't lost a turtle yet and we shouldn't on this board as there are four pizza slices spend through out the area and another hidden bound area. Fighting the usually fair of Footies and watching above for falling ceiling tiles drop in the drink at first chance and move forward under the pipes until you find the hidden Bouns game. Grab the last slice if you need the health and get ready for the First Boss Fight!!!!!!

Rocksteady is a Buffoon ! But a Buffoon with a M-60 sooo… Using my Mutant reflexes and Master Splinters Ninja training I slice the bullets outta the air and quickly attack with either my Swords or a timed Jump Kick don't bother with your throwing stars… What? Oh I didn't mention the throwing stars before? …. Oh sorry, yeaaah they are only slightly useful in the game for the weakest enemies or to stun others. Once Rocksteady takes the dirt nap Im treated to another great graphic of Donatello sating the Enemies and April are near…..hmmm I don't think so, not just yet buddy. And he's the smart one Jeeezzz…..

2-1 Tunnels
Tunnels not Sewers get that straight okay… any way Stage 2 brings about the first of the shorter stages and more new traps. Watch out for the moving pillars the rising ones are okay and won't crush you but the ceiling based ones coming down will flatten you like turtles on the highway. Hopping on top of the second accenting pillar and touching the ceiling leads to a Bonus area. If you get the ridiculous Number Game thing and fail don't worry two slices a pizza await ahead as you jump, jump, jump for your life past more rolling Shell Shockers.  Stage 2-2 continues through Tunnels but adds yet another new enhance encounter for death the Fire Balls with sunglasses…. Okay sooo crawling slowly through this area Leo and I manage to make it by waiting for the Fire Balls to appear and then slicing them before jumping to the next pillar to safety don't land in the liquid below as this is not a Sewer so that is not water but some toxic slime ewwww… If you can swat at the fling Pizza Box to get a full recharge and then set off to face Bebop.

I tried the other Turtles on my replay to pick up some Photos I missed

This Hot Headed Hog will charge you on sight so jump over him and attack from behind. A couple times he got smart and fired a beam at me but just like before they can be seated away like flies. I kept up the beating till he fell off screen.

3-1 Convoy surfing
After watching a neat little cut scene we find out the bastards have head off in escape vehicles. Select your turtle of choice (mine still being Leonardo) and take a ride on the highway but not in a car on top of moving tractor trailers… sooo don't miss the jumps or …..squish! Mastering the jump kick saved my shell on this one as the Foot Ninja love to tag team yah on the open road. When you see the brick tossing Foot fellas destroy the brick then attack them. Moving carefully I quickly learned never to defend from a trucks roof or hood the trailers and flatbeds are the best bet. Grabbing some pizza I'm off to 3-2 …. Wait there no 3-2 ? Its straight to the Boss Battle !!

Baxter Stockman
Ol Bug Breath is here to try and ruin or picnic. He fires Bullets in two directions and then swoops in for a attack either swat the bullets and hit and run or wait for his swoop then counter with a Ninja Jump Kick ! I love that after each Boss is defeated you regain your health to full.

4-1 Down River
Its time to float down river and find the Chrome Dome and Techno-Drome. The stage provides some logs to float on kinda like frogger and if you make use of them you can avoid the mechanical monsters posting as fish below…. for a bit any way. Watch out for the falling "Nitro Burning Doughnuts" you can hit them as they fall but once they start rolling on the ground they pose too small a target to hit even while crouching with those throwing stars we all love. Underwater and at the half way point…hey were breathing under water !!! Yeah for Konami !! Like I was saying underwater and halfway through the stage you'll find not only pizza but those pesky shell shockers roll just fine under her so be sure to jump when yah see em. Jumping out of the water also makes any approaching onscreen mechanical fish disappear as a neat glitch. When area 4-2 kicks off immediately turn to the left and jump high in to the top left corner of the screen to be wished to another Bonus Round hopefully the target or Krang game as they are easy. What this swamp (?) area lacks in detail it makes up for in abundance of enimies it wasn't easy being green and keep in mind there are only two pizza slices here. I put my reflexes and faith in the controls to the test as I repeatedly slashed Foot Ninja and these weird attacking sparks all the while jumping to dodge a stampede of Shell Shocker Boulders and the appearance of Mousers that now pop out of the ground to attack you….I applaud you Konami programers…. well played. I almost certainly jump kicked more here than the rest of the game.

The Hidden Area is Here !!
Down Boy !!!!
The Shredder !!
Shred Head Finally makes his debut and is not as simple as his underlings. This Master Ninja has learned a disappearing Jutsu which he executes after he swipes at you with his Katana. I leaped at him taking the offense and would quickly back away jumping in retreat then return only after he would do his disappearing trick. Not the hardest Boss fight ever but strategy is needed.
We meet again Oroku Saki !!!

If at any point in the game you need to fill your heath gauge to full or want to save a certain turtle from being lost forever dimly Puase the Game and input the Konami or Contra code we all know and love…
But be warned this can only be used ONCE per game.

Seeing the TechnoDrome in the distance the Boys are ready to end this fight….

5-1 Techno-Drome
Once again kick off the final level by jumping in to the upper left for Bonus Game. Starting off this final Stage I was so excited to be this close to winning and doing so well. Energy beams similar to the ones found in the Arcade game make an appreance but their not alone as mousers return again to burrow from under your two toed feet and they too are not alone in-fact no ones alone as almost all the previous enemies are here to attack you and….. those "Road Kill Rodneys" from the Arcade game too you know the ones that ride on a single tire and shock you to death with a metallic tendril. Savior the one slice o' pizza you get here as its the only one…. and at the end of the damn area…..
Moving on to 5-2 and nearing completion I really started to get nerviousnow for the first time, not only was I about to finally Finish this and Make it a proud War Journal entry but I was going undefeated with all four Terrapin Teens still in my bank !!!!! Go Green Machine !!! Yet again I jump up to the left and discover another Bonus Area, man they are getting complacent with the location at this point eh? A final new vehicle for my destruction shows its ugly face although it has no face and is quite literally a vehicle, is a tunneling looking machine that has rows of blades and spikes so I jump to avoid and don't even think of finding out if it can bleed. I find Pizza slices at the beginning and middle of this area and I need them the Rodneys have electrocuted poor Leo so much I'm about to use the Contra code to revive him just when an enemy falls and I find in place of a corpse a delicious New York Style Pizza. Mangaeing to hold on till the end of the stage I find a full sized pizza pie waiting to refill my heath once again before I move off screen to the right and face the Master of the Techno-Drome…..

I find Krang much as you would in the Cartoon starting at the controls to the massive portal to his home world of Dimension X. His oversized mechanical replacement body is at full power and ready to make Shredder that turtle soup he was always threading to dine on. I take the offensive as I usually do and jump kick the big brute and quickly back away. Thank goodness for those Ninja reflexes again as when you attack him Krang immediately counters with a big boot. Several combinations of slash and run or kick and run and finally the Robot body slowly disapears as Krang is defeated and sent back through the portal. Another little cut scene show the turtles untying April O'Neil  as she thanks them through text.

Raise da Roof !!!!


Holy Crap !!! I just beat TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan !!!! On one Turtle !!!
                                                             The Finisher  Lives on !! Total play time: 26 mins. 

                                                     I LOVE BEING A TURTLE !!!!!!

Some times the best things can't be planned and I really enjoyed this game and review I will most certainly play this game again and again over the years. Kudos to Konami fall of the Foot Clan team on a job done AMAZINGLY !!!  Please continue to follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr @FinalbossNYC and thanks again for all the support.

                                 Alright till next time COWABUNGA DUDES !!!!!!

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