Friday, July 12, 2013

Game Hunting: Episode 1- Late Night Shopping

So after a long week at work and temps staying muggy and in the 90s I decided I needed a pick me up late friday night so I helped put the lad to bed and shot out to my local Mecca "Video Games New York". If you've never been but live in the NYC area check it out Ive been a regular here even before the relocation about 20 years now...WOW !! I cant believe that.... time flies I remember selling Neo Geo carts there just to make rent when I had a apt with my best friend at age 20 . Great owner great staff whom some of which I consider very good friends.  Heres just a quick video and Pics on the focus of my short shopping trip to hold you over till tomorrow night when the regular Saturday article review comes out.... on time... maybe I should have stayed home and did my home work.... any who take a look.

Ill get better pics next time

The game boys systems are in a totally separate case...which I don't have pics of ...sorry.

At the back of the bottom shelf is rows of vertically stacked titles ...its a lot

These are just the Game boy stuff not the DS or any other system 

Heres a great New Video by Nathan Barnatt and some old ones. Nates an actor that has much work now but did a web series and some awesome music videos as Keith Appricary a insane gaming nerd check out the 3 videos below an then surf his channel to watch talking classics and other shows. He's in quite a lot of work now and I'm happy for his success  he's creative and works hard and is througholy entertaining .

Update @ 12:16am:  I just checked and the Videos embedded from Youtube below don't show up on the iPhone so I've added hard links right below for those not able to see the video boxes, but on the desktop computer they show up just fine... sorry

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