Monday, July 22, 2013

Game Hunting: Ep 2 -Beat the Heat !!

Friday night once again and it was sooo EFFing hot all week in NYC, temperatures hung in the high 90s while it felt like 105. Most people couldn't wait for the weekend to hide indoors in front of the precious AC (which I do love myself). Like many I work out side and had no reprieve from the heat all week but the weekend called for a pick me up, one that could not be found in a bottle but in OLD plastic casings from a far away land ...... Retro Gaming  !!! So my buddy Jay and I ( sup Jay!) Shot in to Manhattan and fought off the repeated attacks from asshole cabbies and Jersey drivers to make our way to Video Games New York which at this point deserves its own article (coming the Goonies article ?.... ohhh too soon Finisher ? I think fighting with yourself is a sign of insanity ) Soo a block from the store Jay remembers that while VGNY is a Fu*king awesome spot with people I call friends at the Helm it has a lil draw back ..... Nooooo AC or even how do you call it ummm AIR! I Love VGNY but the tightly packed store lined with showcases and display lighting floor to ceiling makes me sweat in even winter, I have a ritual where I start striping a block away in DECEMBER .
But the feeling of being surrounded by Retro Gaming History is worth it we had planed to jump in and out for One Item each but like the Sarlac pit in Jedi its hold proves too great for even the Mighty Boba Fett to escape ( NERD !!) Below is a Video of what was bought...and a second video alll the way at bottom .......

Half the Ps2 games ... yup Half !

What do you guys sell?

ahhh MECCA

See  if those two can be friends ...

These are the Nes Famicom SNES and Super Fami games under 10 bucks
the others are behind me in 2  huge cases

I swear I didn't even realize I was Buying all Nintendo Console items ... weird but kool !

Below is a short Video of a Great Bargain I found online this past week


  1. BLADES OF STEEL WAS THE SHIT!! And who don't like battle toads.BIG BOOT!!

    1. Tooootally !!! I loved me some Battle Toads and the arcade game was the Best version