Monday, July 15, 2013

Play it Loud !!!

30 years ago on this very day July 15th the Nintendo Family Computer was released and soon after the American NES and the gaming industry, the entertainment markets, the World and OUR childhoods were never the same.

So on this day this go forth and dig out the NES and blow off the dusty pins, pull the Game Boy Colors out of the desk with Pokemon yellow jammed in them and change the batteries with out shame , go to the damp dank basement at your folks house and grab that yellowed SNES and that copy of Street Fighter II Turbo, reach deep and pull the N64 with Mario Kart and Golden Eye from the back of the closet behind the porn and bongs, sneak in to your Lil' Brother's room and snatch that Wii you scoffed at for be way too "Kiddie, Hell be proud and dig out that Game Cube an call up the lads and ladies for a round of SUPER SMASH BROS !!!! For this shall be known as Nintendo Day !! NO !! This be Nintendo WEEK !!! Play the systems that made you the gamers and people that you are and were  before we had been wooed away by sub par companies with flashy gore and shocking sex. Play the classics tonight and tomorrow and maybe you'll remember and play next week too and the following as well and maybe just maybe you'll still be playing in December when  SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD comes out on Wii U.

Send this to a friend or two tonight txt it facebook, tweet and email it and let's all go forth and PLAY IT LOUD PLAY IT PROUD AND REMEMBER,  NOW YOUR PLAYING WITH POWER .......NINTENDO POWER !!!!!

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