Saturday, August 24, 2013

Game Hunting EP 4 - My Lucky RockMan's Foot !

IOh My Gannon ! I want to start off and Thank All of You once again for coming back each week and reading this Blog it means ALOT to me. As an "Artist " whom doesn't get a lot of time to do art shows any more due to family responsibilities it means ALOT to me to create something regularly and put it out there so people can view it, comment on it, enjoy it, hate it, and share it. So thank you I NEED YOU ALL.

I also wanna say there almost was no article this week. I was going to put up an "Apology Message", I've had a really rough 2 weeks with stress and physical health and it all ended with a trip from work in an ambulance to the hospital yesterday. Im Fine now ! And happy to be here with all of you in the world of gaming. Not being up to writing or gaming I was gonna rain check this week and I had even talked to Gaming "Wing Man" Jay about maybe Hunting but he also had some of his own serious matters to handle so I wished him well and threw in the towel and called it a night. BUT !!!  Just then an Artist buddy of mine "The Blue Man" replied to me that he was up for some solid Late Night Game Hunting and my weak and weary ass felt renewed !!!! As you may not know The Blue Man is a Pal of mine whom is not only a fellow Artist but fellow Fanboy and Retro Gaming Head I don't truly remember the Reason he calls him self the Blue Man ( I know he told me once, sorry). BUT ! I call him  Blue Man for his Love and Amazing abilities at MEGAMAN !!! The BlueMan has beaten MegaMan 2 & 3 and X 1, 2 3, 4 & 5 !! And probably even more that I can't recall ! This makes him the "BlueMan" to me and a "FINISHER" !! And an even more little known fact is that he is my LUCKY RABBITS FOOT or RockMan's Foot !! Blue has been with me when I have found some of the most sought after or BIZARRE items, also he has been with me when deals fall in my lap, he truly is lucky in finding items for himself and sending it my way as well. And this trip with him proved no less lucky or amazing.....

Well ? Yah that was a long video ! But it was a small look at a Little known attachment for the OG Game Boy. The Hyper Boy started as a purchase idea that I though would just be a camp novelty but once Jay came out the back with the mint sealed box I knew this was gonna be worth it. Worth it he is the Hyper Boy is not entirely a gimmick item for the old GB, its controls respond perfectly and the mini arcade design looks great and is ergonomic. Im so glad I made the purchase and its a great rare collectable to have thats useful. And how often is it you get to open a brand NEW product from over 20 years ago? I hope you liked this Episode of GH and those that guessed correctly feel some pride in their psychic abilities. And it should be mentioned that I made a TON of bad clips during this Episode sooo a Bloopers video is probably coming up soon of all the EF ups I've made each time I make a Video for the Blog. Check out the photos below before yah bounce and as I mentioned earlier thanks again for checking back with us at The Final Boss !!!

What did I do while waiting for the machine to count all that change ? No worries I played the classic game Comic Zone on the portable SEGA GENESIS The BlueMan provided. Its a Totally Amazing system by ATGAMES licensed officially by SEGA and comes preloaded with like 40 games I believe, including Street Fighter II CE. The system also has a SD Card slot so you can add and ROMS of GENESIS games you might legally own. ATGAMES makes a bunch of crazy SEGA products some ill be showing you soon.

Hey aren't you Ichiro the kid from Godzilla Revenge?
"Grandpa Lemme Play wit the Hyper Boy !!"

"Hey Ichiro we saw on the box that you got a Hyper Boy !
Let us play with it !"

"Grrrrrrr !!!"
"Ichiro whata ya gonna do ? Those Bullies want the Hyper Boy"

"When they get close you bite em okay sis?"

Keep on gaming !!!

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