Friday, August 30, 2013

Repair Shop :This ones got a Bad Motivator !

So I don't wanna give any surprises away but this week article is a lil bit different. This week is something more of a tutorial or guide and a public service. So sit back pour a drink and watch the video below ... see yah on the other side !

WOW !! Right ? How easy was that I mean you can repair a OG Game Boy you already own or move on one of the many Game Boys on Ebay that say screen dead or bad pixels in the description. You can enjoy the fruit of your labor and share it with friends or choose to make a lil game collecting money.  I wanna thank you all for your continued support and I hope this episode of the Repair Shop has helped you. Check out the shots below including the one of where the Gameboy finds its new home.

"Thats No MOON !"
"Uncle owen ! This ones got a Bad Motivator "

" Rise... Lord Vader "

Panorama !!

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