Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mighty Hunting for 2D SP Repairs !!!!

Okay so this isn't a Game Hunting Episode exactly nor is it Repair Shop either but it is a lot of important content mixed together so lets get it out there. Check out the video below first for the Original FinalBoss content stuff and well catch up with each other on the other end...

.... So that was a quick awesome little fix and something I hope you all will attempt . I mean why should the retro re-sellers get the advantage of buying low and selling high on eBay. Just think how great it would be to give a GBA SP to someone after you fix it, its got a personal touch. So go out and reclaim the hardware for the users ! Anyway ..... I also wanted to show you the differences between the sweet CloneSP and a Real SP. Both are a great purchase. I really loved my first SP and played it all the time while commuting on the Q to Coney Island for years before switching to the DSi, and truthfully I always missed my little black SP even when enjoying the DSi. Also don't forget to grab a 4 dollar headphone adapter if you pick up a GBA SP, you can grab one on eBay or Video Games NYC or even Nintendo customer support.

I really want to use this posting to catch up with you guys and gals on some stuff happening in our community like.....

The 2DS/3DS controversy....
So Reviewers, Competitors and Consumers alike are bashing the 2DS and why wouldn't they hell its fun to try and kick Nintendo in the junk everyones doing it ..right? Wrong. The critics are accusing The BIG N of showing weakness by selling a cheaper 2D version of the 3DS. people keep saying the 3DS is a failure of some kind but I don't see it. Clearly anyone saying this doesn't have a functioning brain and all the facts.

A cheaper 3DS already exists its called a DS... dummy.
The 3DS isn't losing to any competitor..... in fact I own a Vita and wish I got a 3DS.
The 2DS isn't a Version of the 3DS or even a DS, try reading some press releases or just look at the pics.... dummies. I mean does it even look like its meant to be used by adults let alone criticized by them?

I can sense Sub Boss Drooling over this already

The 2DS is a Child friendly gaming system its bulky Tonka like construction is meant to endure very young kids. its a introductory console that isn't fragile like its clam shell cousins. One look at the pictures and anyone can instantly figure out with no info that its meant to be thrown on the floor.
Nintendo has developed a system that can take some bumps an scraps that offers fun at an affordable price for younger kids and has less high end functions not required by even older kids. I defiantly would feel safe handing one off to my little guy and love that the buttons and D pad are spaced for tiny hands. The console drops on the world OCT 12th with the newest installment in the Pokemon series. So go pick on some kids your own age MS, SONY, and internet critics....meh ! Also I cant wait to pay $800 bucks to play A game on your new systems launch day...... Oh? yes that was sarcasm.

Last and certainly not least we have ......

The Mighty No.9 !!!!! Whats that you say? Welllll its Keiji Inafune's new game that he needs your help with!!! Inafune is the creator of our favorite little blue pal MEGA MAN ! And he's launched a Kickstarter as of September 1st for his newest game Mighty No 9 and it is creating a HUGE BUZZ across the globe!!! For starters the game is Mega Man 'esque and amazing looking. Inafune is asking for funds to make certain goals possible like a Wii U version, right now its Mac and Linux only but the funds have more the tripled the original goal. Inafune is also offering some amazing gifts for your help so please check it out. This is a VERY BIG moment in game history, Japanese game developers are waiting on the edge of there seats to see if this is a success or not it could be the birth of a new way of creators releasing games in the Japanese market. CAPCOM was so afraid that they instantly threw a lawsuit at Keiji Inafune siting the likeness between Mega Man and No 9 ... they LOST !!! Lately CAPCOM has been criticized for MegaMan's treatment and Inafune's departure not long ago brought up questions of the Blue Bombers future from fans. At first I thought that CAPCOM was just throwing a suit out due to likeness but soon realized when I looked at Inafunes's COMCEPT staff that CAPCOM has reason to worry.... Its comprised of some of the greatest people to ever work on ALL the MegaMan series !!!! Not to mention Darkstalkers and Street Fighter Alpha !! If this game is a success CAPCOM and many other Japanese companies that have talent that have left are in trouble, Creators can own there own properties and get assistance from the community that Loves them !!!

A certain game developer Jools Watsham also extended the arm for helping in a 3DS version with his team at Renegade Kid, thats love man !!! This is truly historical !!!!! Which is why besides all the exclamation points Im spending I am also throwing in $120 Dollars to the Kickstarter of Mighty No. 9 this is something I truly believe in and want to say I was apart of. This is like when Frank Miller self published Comics or Eastman & Laird did TMNT or even like when Tarantino and Rodriguez started there own film companies. So please follow this link and check it out and watch the short video all the way to the end and be ready to be excited  by... Mighty No. 9.

Thanks to Dennis " the DUTCHMAN" for putting me on to the Mighty No.9


Heres a Lunch time napkin sketch by ME !
Well Thanks always for stopping by during your busy day to sit with us a read a bit. Go off and game to your hearts content !!! And can't wait to hear from you all again ! Thanks from the Final Boss !!

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