Sunday, September 29, 2013

GAME HUNTING EP- 5 : Tons O' Fun !

Hey !! Welcome back to the Final Boss, glad to see you could make time to stop buy during your busy schedules and we appreciate the fact that you could be gaming right now.Oops ...wait nooo come back.... oh dammit .....

For those of you still here lets talk about Game Hunting, theres nothing like it right? I mean goin out with the intention to purchase a game weather or not you know its available is a rush no matter what. You cant wait to get it home and put aside some time to sit down and enjoy the first play through. Many years I stood on the train platform staring with glazed eyes at game packaging waiting for the train to pull in and take me home swiftly. Recently when I got  my Wii U I set out after work to buy New Super Mario Bros U and found it difficult to fight the urge to look at it while driving home... I waited till I was safely home but missed the subway in this case over driving.

It has been a while since Jay and I got together to do some Game Hunting and it proved to be a good night, lets watch the video to what else has floated in to my grasp lately as well.

Those were some Great Finds man Ive been lucky lately, I haven't been buying much but when I do its been a strong title at a amazing price.

Theres only 3 DAYS LEFT on the Kickstarter for Mighty No 9 so jump on board even if its just for a Dollar. By the way the goal was met over a week ago for the Wii U 360 & Sony versions now its coming down to the wire on Vita and 3DS. The total currently is at 2,890,987....WOW !!! Go us !!

The Zelda books I mention in the Video can be preordered at a bunch of Book and Gaming shops online but Amazon was giving a great discount a while back and I hope they still are for those of you that have interest in checking it out for a possible purchase.

Im currently playing 4 games at once (Zelda-twilight princess, Zelda-A Link to the past on GBA, Shadrowrun Returns on steam, and a rotating famicom game for reveiwing ) and I'm thinking "again" of going to a 2 week schedule on releasing articles so that I have the time to dedicate to the games I write about and don't just completely rush through them or end up with no time to play something to write about. I really love the weekly format but life just doesn't seem to allow enough time for play throughs recently. I am going to see how this week pans out but I really think that from now on we will have to go to Bi- Weekly, I hope readership doesn't go down due to this possible change.

Don't forget about the contest and send your answers to Subject: Contest and remember to list ALL the consoles you own in the email so I can send a appropriate prize. OH !!! And just thought I'd mention that Ill be at the NYC Comic Con wit Jay on Friday the 18th of October so if your around see yah there !!!

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