Sunday, December 1, 2013

Game Hunting EP- 7 -Retro Games and a BIG CONTEST !!!

Its been a long night, a late trip in to Manhattan was nice and pleasant but iPhone issues made this evening a bit longer and more frustrating then I had hoped. Oh well thats my problem lets get on to the Games and Giveaway…….

Watch the Video or else you may miss important info on the Prize !!

Man I hope you Guys and Gals are as EXCITED as I am about this #giveaway Im jus…… what? I don't have to Hashtag when Im not on Social media? Are you SURE? Damn it !! Oh well I guess Ive been spending TOO MUCH time on Finalbossnyc Instagram.

Any way I hope you all enter into the Contest drawing and don't worry about your Location I will ship this for FREE anywhere in the WORLD and it DOSEN'T matter if you won a contest here still enter this is for Everyone so PLEASE enter in and get your friends & family to enter as well so some you may know might have a chance to win too. And be sure to follow us on your social media of choice either Instagram or Twitter the user-name is @Finalbossnyc and the tumblr and flickr should be coming soon and have the same name (I Hope).

 The Instagram/Twitter also has giveaways that are exclusive to them as well, those are not just games but gaming related items like our most recent winner sheriblossom discovered when she won a watercolor painting of Link in the Minish cap Elzo painted by yours truly The Final Boss.

Sheriblossom's Prize

Email your entry to :     Subject: Contest
and in the Body of the Email please list what Retro Consoles you own, Im counting the PS2 and XBOX and GameCube also please list and Handheld systems and the regions of all systems. Contest ends 12/6/13

Thanks again for joining us here and please Follow @Finalbossnyc and Thanks again to all our contest winners of past, present and future !!!! Check Below for some Shots from tonights VGNY trip and a taste of what you may be missing on Instagram.

Turbo DUO !!! NEO GEO !!!

Vettrex Kid !! and LYNX

Famicom Disk Systems and some Wonder Swans too

PS3 Signed by Kojima



Do you see Hokuto No Ken ?

BYE !!!

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