Saturday, December 21, 2013

Game Hunting EP 8 : Birthday Bonanza !!

 Hey Hey kids !!! I've had a awsome birthday and wanted to share it with you all so see yah on the other side.....

I must say I'm a pretty lucky guy and really appreciate all the support and kindness.

For those of you not following @Finalbossnyc I  wanted to thank you al for entering the contest and Congrats again go to Art-Mare and the runners up. Be sure to follow @Finalbossnyc on Instagram, Twitter or see the runner up prizes as they post pics of receiving them. And be on the look out this New Years eve for a possible contest !!

 Ill be posting another article very soon so check in again and look below for Photos of the trip to Video Games New York.

Neo Geo Pocket games and Bandai Wonder Swan 

 A hidden treat found in Mario 3D World !!!

and some Instagram pics...

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