Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy Un- Boxing Day and Contest UPDATE !!!!

This is an unscheduled Final Boss Update on some great Cyber Game Hunting that all showed up the same day. I can't begin to explain the joy I felt when I came home to all dis swag ! lets go to the video tape.

I hope you enjoyed that and I promise to pick up some sort of better camera system after the holidays. I also just want to mention an update on the CONTEST ……

The Contest will now have runner up prizes consisting of games for the MASTER SYSTEM, NES, GAME BOY, FAMICOM & MORE. So be sure to send you emails to with the subject: CONTEST and please list the consoles & handhelds you own so I can send appropriate PRIZES.                       Contest ENDS 12-7-13

Remember to follow @Finalbossnyc on either Instagram, Twitter, or Flickr for exclusive Contests only on those social medias. ( all 3 are linked as one so just follow on one)

Boxing Day !!


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